Photos: Day One of 305 Fest at Churchill’s

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The three-day 305 Fest hosted by Speedfreek kicked off at Churchill’s Friday night with booming performances by Torche, Jacuzzi Boys, Black Mayonnaise, Merchandise, and more. The feisty, moshing crowd enjoyed a two-stage marathon of post-punk, drone metal, and garage rock that will continue through Sunday. To view many more photos from 305 Fest, visit the Beached Miami Facebook page.

Photo from 305 Fest at Churchill's Pub by Alex Broadwell (10)

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Photos: Jacuzzi Boys’ homecoming at Churchill’s

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The Jacuzzi Boys’ Churchill’s shows are always rowdy maelstroms of sweat, alcohol, and human limbs. Their gig at the “Sort of English Pub” in Little Haiti Saturday night, the punky surf rock trio’s homecoming celebration after a recent 26-city European tour behind their latest LP, Glazin’, upheld that tradition and for good measure added a few new elements, including a mariachi band opener and a set by Miami punk vets Holy Terrors. Here is a selection of photos from the show. To view many more, visit the Beached Miami Facebook page.

Photo from Jacuzzi Boys at Churchill's Pub (5/13/2012)

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Sweatstock 2012 in photos

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The torrential rain that threatened to show up didn’t. Iggy Pop did. So did hundreds of Miami music fans and the scores of bands and DJs that have made Sweatstock one of the best annual music events in Miami for the last three years. Many thanks to Sweat Records for making Miami one of the best places in the country to celebrate Record Store Day and for inviting Beached Miami to host a stage inside Churchill’s. As you can see from the photos, here and on Facebook, it was a blast.

Deaf Poets at Sweatstock 2012 by Alex Broadwell

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Primer for the Beached Miami Sweatstock Stage

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This coming Saturday is both Record Store Day and Sweatstock, and besides being your chance to rub elbows with Iggy Pop, it’s also an opportunity to enjoy 12+ hours of live, mostly local music on three stages. To prep you all for the Beached Miami stage inside Churchill’s, which will run from 5 p.m. until some ungodly hour in the morning, here’s a track and bio from each of the bands in our lineup. The order corresponds to the Sweatstock schedule, with Palette Town opening and Shroud Eater closing down the night. Enjoy.

“Paperthin Ocean” by Palette Town (playing at 5 p.m.)

Bio: “Once upon a time there were four good friends: Chris, Daniella, Fredrik, and Sylvano. These friends each loved music and happened to be musicians themselves. After a couple years of watching other bands play music, it dawned on them … ‘Why don’t we start a band?’ They then wrote a bunch of songs about life, love, and laser guns. Later, they played those songs to people and realized that their music wasn’t so terrible. Life has been pretty rad ever since :0″

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Sweatstock 2012 Full Lineup with Beached Miami stage

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Sweatstock at Sweat Records

Sweat Records (pictured) opens its doors at 9 a.m. for the third edition of Sweatstock, on Saturday, April 21. -- photo by Robby Campbell

In celebration of its seventh year as the bastion of Miami’s independent music scene, Sweat Records is throwing the third edition of Sweatstock on Saturday, April 21 — fittingly, on Record Store Day — with Beached Miami as a proud partner in music curation.

Afrobeta will headline the outdoor stage this year with Deaf Poets, Krisp, Psychic Mirrors, Ketchy Shuby, Plains, Arboles Libres, The State Of, and Jesse Jackson (with full band) opening. The outdoor program will go from 2 pm until 11 pm.

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Photos from Jacuzzi Boys at Churchill’s

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Recently back in Miami after a 38-gig U.S. tour, the Jacuzzi Boys drew a near capacity crowd to Churchill’s Saturday night for the trio’s homecoming gig alongside noise-crunch duo Holly Hunt, The Cost, and Honey Train. The show had a similar atmosphere to the Boys’ Glazin’ release party at Churchill’s back on Aug. 27, which is to say it was steamy, rowdy, rollicking, and most definitely worth the measly $5 admission, as the following photos will attest.

Jacuzzi Boys Mosh Pit

Jacuzzi Boys at Churchill's

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The Sort Of English Pub that Dave Daniels built

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Churchill's Pub

Winston Churchill's face may be over the door, but Miami's "Sort Of English Pub" is a reflection of Dave Daniels. -- photo by Robby Campbell

Anyone that has been to Churchill’s Pub in Little Haiti has a story to tell.

First-timers and people who never went back will warn you about thick-tongued men who ooze out of darkness and, trembling, offer to watch your car for a dollar. Regulars know the implied threat — “watch” means “not break into” — is usually a bluff. Some even know the men’s names or at least the handles they’ve adopted for use in this parking lot and the myriad other shadowy places they congregate at around the neighborhood.

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Jacuzzi Boys drop ‘Glazin’ at Churchill’s

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When I interviewed him last week, Jacuzzi Boys bassist Danny Gonzales pushed back against the characterization of the Miami rock trio as a mere party band, and then promised its show at Churchill’s Saturday night would be a party.

Promise kept.

You knew it was a different sort of night when the normal process of entering Churchill’s — walking through the front door — got an extra step: waiting in a long damn line. The only other time I’ve had to queue to get into Churchill’s (in the recent past, at least) was for the Del the Funky Homosapien show back in May, which actually filled the dive to capacity.

Jacuzzi Boys Glazin' Release Show

Your second “different sort of night” clue was the people in the line. Yeah, Churchill’s regulars were well represented in all their “This old thing? Why, I only wear it when I don’t care how I look” glory. But the show cast a broader net than Churchill’s usual fare, which accounted not only for the long line at the door and the unprecedented (and fleeting) scent of cologne inside the bar, but also for the Grolsch rep who, God bless her, kept pouring me and anyone else that looked capable of doing a kegstand free drinks.

All of which is to say that, with the release off of their latest album, Glazin’, the Jacuzzi Boys are far and away the Most Popular Band in Miami. I’m not yet ready to declare them the Best Band in Miami — ANR has a frothing dog in that fight — but their performance did deliver on the perfunctory hype that comes with having an LP premier in SPIN.

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Talking Glazin’ with Jacuzzi Boys’ Danny Gonzalez

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Jacuzzi Boys

Jacuzzi Boys: Danny Gonzalez (left), Diego Monasterios (back), Gabriel Alcala.

So far, it’s been a very good year for the Jacuzzi Boys. The Miami-based rockers boarded the Carnival Imagination for that unlikely confluence of Captain’s Dinner, Captain Morgan, and indie rock known as the Bruise Cruise Festival, released a 12″ on Jack White’s Third Man records, toured through more than 25 different U.S. cities, signed to Sub Pop sister label Hardly Art, and recorded their second LP, Glazin’, on a consul custom built for Sly Stone. That last highlight, Glazin’, also got the Boys a mostly positive review in SPIN magazine, which is currently streaming the album in its entirety.

BUT — and I’m sure we can all agree — all of those accomplishments and accolades pale in comparison to the band’s next big moment: playing Churchill’s on Saturday night. Ahead of the show, the release party for the new album with the Jameses, Snakehole, and Loose Stools also on the bill, I spoke to Jacuzzi Boys bassist Danny Gonzalez about getting love, getting pigeon-holed, and getting in the van.

It’s been a really good year for the band. Are you guys feeling really positive right now?

DG: I guess we’re in a positive state of mind. We’re definitely not feeling negative about anything. But we’re also not ones to get too caught up in anything either which way. Since we’ve been playing, there have been times when not so fantastic things are written, and we sorta laugh it off. And when good things are written, we laugh them off too. It’s definitely exciting, but we kinda think it’s all funny.

Is it odd to be getting so much attention, for example, the review in SPIN?

It feels a little strange, but at the same time … we’ve definitely put in work. We’ve been playing for a while, we’ve been touring, and put out various records. If it was out of the blue, where we’d only put out one seven-inch record, we’d be like, ‘Whoa, what is this?’ But it’s sorta been a natural progression. Nothing has come all at once.

There are a lot of good bands in Miami, but it’s rare for a Miami band to get national attention. Why do you think that is?

I really think the main thing is touring. Because of where we are geographically … I feel like a lot of bands don’t get out of Miami. You know, you can put out records and they can get some attention, or they can get a lot of attention and then you’re presented with all these opportunities to tour and then you get some national attention — but I really think that touring is the main thing that gets it going.

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AIDS Wolf at Churchill’s on Nov. 3

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AIDS Wolf -- photo by Yannick Grandmont

Look out. On November 3, Montreal quartet AIDS Wolf will bring their surrealistic neo no wave act to Churchill’s. The band is a controversial one, the controversy having less to do with its arguably horrendous name and more to do with the end product.

Self-described as “formalist/unknown wave”, AIDS Wolf most recently released a triple cassette package of long-form improvised tracks (both live and studio) entitled An Insane and Abstract Hell (Dedicated To Two Dudes From Rusted Shut). That dedication alone should tell you the music is not for the faint of heart as Houston’s Rusted Shut has been keeping ENTs in business since the mid-80s. Another hint is AIDS Wolf’s spot on the Skin Graft Records roster alongside Arab on Radar, Gay Beast, Quintron, and dozens of other creative noisemakers.

While AIDS Wolf definitely isn’t for everyone, the four-piece has done a commendable job of crossing over to punk, hardcore, and art house territory. The band’s last LP, March to the Sea, was a Suicide-Liars-Beefheart hybrid that proved they weren’t a bunch of art student wannabes. If you don’t know what a Suicide-Liars-Beefheart hybrid sounds like, hit play (after the jump).

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