Cody Chesnutt at The Stage

By | February 24th, 2011 | No Comments

Cody Chesnutt is the man. His version of “The Seed” on 2002’s The Headphone Masterpiece is way better than The Roots cover that brought Chesnutt some fame years ago (see both below). I wanted to go to his show last night at The Stage to catch up on his new material (2010’s Black Skin No Value) but decided to sit it out at the last minute (“Bitch, I’m broke”). Robby was there to take some pictures and reported, in a 4 a.m. email, the following: “Show rocked real hard. The band was sick. Old school R&B/Funk feel. He engaged the crowd a bunch. Jumped off stage shaking hands and singing to people. He was really in to it and put on an awesome show.” Who doesn’t mention the helmet?

Chesnutt, with ax and helmet, ready for battle

Making love to the mic

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