Ken Nedimyer, coral savior

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Ken Nedimyer, director of the Key Largo-based Coral Restoration Foundation, is a hero, says CNN. Nedimyer is working to stave off the collapse of South Florida’s population of elkhorn and staghorn coral, which have died off in catastrophic numbers over the last three decades due to disease, pollution, and climate change. “If coral reefs died completely, coastal communities would be bankrupt, tourism would be virtually gone, a billion people in the world will be impacted,” Nedimyer says in his CNN Heroes feature video. “I started thinking, how can we fix this problem?” To learn more about Nedimyer, his fight to revive coral reefs, and how you can get involved, watch the video below and read “Florida group rebuilds vital coral reefs”.

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Floating forest off the shore of Key Largo

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The image below, taken by Coral Morphologic marine biologist Colin Foord, is beautiful. So beautiful that I wanted to post it here for purely aesthetic reasons. That said, its full beauty owes to more than mere appearance. What you see there is a coral nursery tree erected a few miles off the shore of Key Largo by the Coral Restoration Foundation for the purpose of transplantation back to the reef. It is a man-made structure built underwater in the service of nature and, consequently, in the service of man. That is the source of its beauty. To learn more about the CRF and its nursery, check out “(How To Grow) A Floating Forest” by Foord (whom I interviewed in August about the danger posed to a rare hybrid coral by the imminent Port of Miami Deep Dredge).

Ghostly Trees by Colin Foord