Mike Rivamonte’s Robots

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One of the coolest things about the Bakehouse Art Complex, a former industrial bakery in Wynwood where we are throwing a Sketchy Party Friday night (RSVP on Facebook), is that each of its studios is a self-contained universe. Step into studio 37, for example, and you will encounter walls hung thick with fabric, embroidery-layered photographs, and, on your left, fiber artist Carrie Sieh sitting at her desk behind a decades-old loom. A few doors down, in studio 34, Deborah Mitchell, a mixed-media artist whose work practically smells of the Florida swamps, smiles in front of a wall of pieces layered with newspaper print, plant matter, and dry animal bones. (Both Sieh and Mitchell have original work in the raffle we will be holding Friday night. Learn more about it and pre-order tickets HERE.)

Then there’s studio 43, the workplace of artist Mike Rivamonte. Rivamonte is a sculptor, but there are no dunes of marble dust in his studio. Instead, the small space is crowded with robots constructed of antiques, everything from Zenith radios and trolley-car fare boxes to Word War II binoculars and drive-in speakers from as far back as the ’40s and as far away as Australia.

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The Bakehouse Sketchy Artists

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As we announced way back on Monday, we are hosting our second Sketchy Party on Friday, August 12, at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood (RSVP on Facebook). Entry is FREE as a Dum Dum at the doctor’s office. We will be selling Sketchy Packages for $10, which will get your belly fed with Joey’s pizza, your thirst quenched with Honest Tea and beer à la keg, and put you in the running to win artwork (prints and originals) by several Bakehouse artists in a raffle that night. Earlier this week, we stopped in at the Bakehouse to meet these generous artists and bother them with a camera.

Jean-Paul Mallozzi

A long-time resident at the Bakehouse, Jean-Paul Mallozzi is a man of mood swings. His series Moodswing features figures whose bodies are rendered in minute detail in graphite and charcoal. Their faces, by contrast, are swirls of acrylic paint scrawled over stains of water color. As its title suggests, the series explores the odd phenomenon of sudden, unprompted shifts in temper. Mallozzi is donating three signed and framed prints from Moodswing — “Sad”, “Glad”, and “Mad” (see photo below) — to the Sketchy Party raffle.

Artist Jean-Paul Mallozzi
Mallozzi standing in front of “Sad”, “Glad”, and “Mad” from his Moodswing series.

"Aloof" by Jean-Paul Mallozzi
Another Mallozzi Moodswing: “Aloof”

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