WVUM Wants Some Last-Minute Woodie Love

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Diplo breaking it down in the WVUM studio late last year.

You might have heard that University of Miami’s WVUM is in the running for an mtvU College Radio Woodie Award. We’ve got love for WVUM, both for their indefatigable insistence that Miami “keep it locked” at all costs and for hosting us on Miami Time for an epic local jam last month. So we’d love to see the station take home a Woodie when the awards show airs live from SXSW in Austin, TX, on March 16. But rather than blithely asking our readers to give WVUM their vote, we asked the station to prove itself in the form of three hand-selected clips. If you like what you hear, head over to the virtual ballot box — before the March 1 deadline! — and crown WVUM as the best college radio station in the land.

First up, we’ve got Diplo manning the decks on Electric Kingdom Live (Thursday nights, 7 -9) hours before spinning for a huge crowd at Grand Central on Dec. 23, 2010.

Diplo on Electric Kingdom Live

Next is one of WVUM’s most popular DJs, Laura of Miami, with two hours of disco on Vamos A La Playa (Monday evenings, 5 -7).

Vamos A La Playa

Finally, we have a taping of Freedom of the Funk (Tuesday nights, 9 – 11) with Mr. Brown DJing.

Freedom of the Funk

Diplo rocks BAR In Front of his 500 Closest Friends

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Diplo Spins It at BAR

Grammy-award winner Diplo, right, drew 500-plus Miamians to BAR with a surprise show.

Last night, at Diplo‘s “secret” show at BAR (formerly PS-14), which everyone with a Twitter account or a friend knew about, Miami was in good form. Loud, sweaty, sensual, breathless, lawless, harmonious, grimy. Walking indoors for Diplo’s set was like entering a dog’s mouth. Whenever a camera flashed, you saw an American Apparel ad. Strands of wet hair branched across bright foreheads like tributaries. Red lips. Flushed cheeks. And don’t get me started on the women.

Out back a camaraderie I’ve only rarely experienced in Miami prevailed. None in the 500-strong swarm heckled the guy pissing in the corner, the bowl bounced from stranger to stranger, and any dude who had wedged inside for 10 minutes had his sweat-heavy tee to break the ice with that gal over there. It’s a night like this when, with the air cool and the music on, Miami steps off camera and makes a strong case for itself. Here are some photos from the show:

Diplo spinning sweaty at BAR A Mississippi-native, Diplo grew up in Florida. Somehow his exposure to Miami Booty Bass inspired him to make good music.

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