Dolphin Cyclist Injured, Robbed

By | November 21st, 2011 | 1 Comment

If you’re a Miami Critical Mass regular, you’ve probably had the pleasure of seeing a woman riding a dolphin bike through the streets, leaving a trail of smiles in her wake. If not, behold:

Regina the Dolphin
This photo originally appeared in our recap of the May 2011 Miami Critical Mass ride

The woman, Regina McFall, works in the theatre arts department at the University of Miami and the dolphin bike is really a normal Trek hybrid with a dolphin’s smiling face affixed to the handlebars and a fluke fitted to the back tire. Naturally, Regina wears the dorsal fin as a helmet.

As the photo suggests, Regina radiates positive energy and, through her creations, she manages to make Miami a sunnier place. So we were very upset to hear, via the Miami Bike Scene, that she recently fell off of her bicycle and broke her wrist. It gets worse, according to the MBS:

Last Thursday night around 10pm at the intersection of Sunset Drive/US1 a female cyclist accidentally jumped a curb and fell of her Trek hybrid bicycle and broke her wrist. A black male in his 20s, no facial hair and wearing an orange & black jacket approached the cyclist and pretended to be coming to her aid, instead the suspect stole her bicycle while she laid helpless on the street. The bike is blue/silver and has a rear rack, RST fork and kickstand. If you see the Trek bicycle pictured below please alert the proper authorities.

We don’t have any updates as of now, but we do wish Regina speedy recuperation and hope she recovers her Trek (which, according to MBS, was not in “dolphin mode” when it was stolen). We also hope this experience doesn’t damage her apparent joie de vivre. Miami would be a lesser place without the smiling dolphin swimming through its streets.

Update: Regina is offering a $100 reward for her bike.

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