Liberty City community members remember, mourn Trayvon Martin

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This is a community contribution as part of Beached Miami and Open Media Miami’s joint commitment to provide community news and opinion.

With thousands expected to attend a related rally at Bayfront Park on Sunday, an array of Liberty City community members, diverse in age and ethnicity, gathered in a brightly painted room at the Belafonte Tacolcy Center on Friday to pray and come to terms with the controversial death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who was not officially arrested for the shooting.

A 17-year-old African American who attended Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School, Martin was visiting his father in Sanford, Fl., when Zimmerman shot him dead in an incident that has garnered international attention and outrage among those who see it as a case of deadly racial profiling. Zimmerman said he shot Martin in self-defense.

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Video: Miami high school students demand justice for Trayvon

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I’m truly moved by Miami students’ mature and engaged response to Trayvon Martin’s killing. But watching this video of a protest in front of Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School, where both Trayvon and I went to school, I wonder: Where are the white students? Why aren’t they standing out there with their classmates?

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