Election Day Eve Film Rec: ‘Split: A Deeper Divide’ at O Cinema

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With Election Day looming, there is a tension in the air all across America that even a diligent disregarder of politics can’t help but feel. The heated presidential contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, with its bottomless negativity and relentless fear-mongering, has brought the tension to new heights, but, in truth, America now exists in a perpetual state of hyper-partisan apoplexy, and has for all of the 21st Century.

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Why I’m voting for Obama

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Embracing Obama

I’m embracing Barack Obama for president again. Here’s why. — photo by @barackobama via Instagram

With the presidential election one week away, newspaper editorial boards across the country are announcing their endorsements. In Florida, the Miami Herald and Tampa Bay Times endorsed President Barack Obama while the Orlando Sentinel and the Sun Sentinel threw their weight behind Republican challenger Mitt Romney. For its part, the Palm Beach Post is choosing not to endorse a candidate for president and is instead presenting a case for each candidate to its readers.

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