Show alert! Sumsun, Can’t Stop, The State Of, Honey Train

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On Saturday, Feb. 25, Beached Miami is presenting a tri-county showcase on the Electric Pickle’s soothing back patio with Sumsun from West Palm Beach, Can’t Stop and The State Of from Miami, and Honey Train from Fort Lauderdale. DJs Rich Medina, Tim Green, Brad Strickland, and William Renuart will also be on hand to man the decks indoors. For full details on the show, visit the Facebook event page. Here are a few words about each of the bands.

Sumsun: Spearheaded by West Palm Beach native Judson Rodgers, Sumsun creates electronic soundscapes with a chillwave palette that transport listeners to a land where the rain is warm and everyone dances. In 2011, Sumsun opened for Neon Indian and Sleigh Bells.

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Third Thursdays with Guy Harvey, New Coke, Lil Daggers

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Show alert! Beached Miami presents Third Thursdays at The Electric Pickle on Feb. 16 with three of South Florida’s best: Guy Harvey, New Coke, and Lil Daggers. Many thanks to Grolsch for sponsoring the show and supporting South Florida music. To learn all of the details, check out the Facebook event page. Here’s a bit about each band.

GUY HARVEY: Recently featured in Brooklyn Vegan, this West Palm Beach-based quartet plays a solar-powered brand of alt-pop revival that catches the ear like a riptide. Singer Adam Perry recently appeared with Surfer Blood on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Guy Harvey’s “Something in the Way” Nevermind Miami cover is probably the best thing you’ll hear today.

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Girls On Top with CREEP at Electric Pickle Thursday night

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Brooklyn duo CREEP — aka producers/DJs Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard — will be performing at Electric Pickle Thursday night in advance of their upcoming 12″ release through Young Turks, “Days”, which features the xx’s Romy Madley-Croft on vocals. You can check out the sinisterly sparkly video for CREEP’s debut single below. To learn more about the duo’s DJ set at Electric Pickle on Thursday night, visit the Facebook event page.

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Panic Bomber talks Hookers’, Bach, and ‘Domestic Violins’

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Panic Bomber at Sweatstock 2011

Panic Bomber performing live at Sweatstock 2011

On Saturday, Aug. 17, Richard Haig returned home from running an errand in time to interrupt the robbery of his Little Haiti abode. Despite cutting the crime short, Haig — a Miami-based electronic musician and DJ who gigs as Panic Bomber — still lost his laptop, guitars, bass, banjo, television, SM58 microphone, black Levi’s, and Converse sneakers.

“I’m still kinda reeling from it,” Haig says. “Luckily, I didn’t lose any music. If I’d been gone for another five minutes, I would have lost everything. I got lucky.”

Actually, we’re all lucky the thieves didn’t sprint away with any of Haig’s unreleased tunes. Between Getting on My Mind (2010), Panic Bomber’s falsetto-fueled debut LP, and the just-released Domestic Violins, a five-track EP that largely eschews the straits of song structure for the resonance of canyon-deep grooves, Haig has proven himself one of Miami’s funkiest music makers.

Ahead of the Domestic Violins release party at Electric Pickle Thursday night (free entry with RSVP, open bar), I called up Haig on Sunday to ask him about his punk past, his Scotland roots, and the similarity between DJing and making furniture. Naturally, Bach and Bartók came up.

Your bio mentions a background in punk and indie bands without getting into specifics. Can you tell me a little more about that background?

Haig: Yeah. I used to have this raging three-piece garage punk band called The Dead Hookers’ Bridge Club. That’s “Hookers’” with the possessive plural apostrophe. So it’s multiple hookers’ bridge club. We thought long and hard about that one.

I was playing guitar and singing in this three piece. It was a tongue-in-cheek garage punk band, and we just kinda raged.

A Miami band?

Haig: Yeah. Based in Miami, we did some touring around, Tejas, Nashville, all these places. We had a blast. People really liked us. We put out a seven inch on New Art School records. We were the kind of band that the show wasn’t done until at least one of us was bleeding. We’d start each set by pounding shots on stage. It was absolute mayhem, but super fun.

It was basically a hobby. It’s funny — it was me and my two best friends from college. We were all at U.M. studying classical music and this was our release. This was our way of making music fun, to get rid of the stuffiness and just rage.

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Body Language ticket giveaway

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As fairly forecast in our Top Ten July Music Events list, Brooklyn-based electro-pop quartet Body Language is playing the Electric Pickle on Saturday, July 16, with Miami’s Entresol. Having gigged with Passion Pit, LaRoux, Sia, and Zero 7, and recently swapped remix spit with Toro Y Moi (see video below), Body Language ventures into Miami with a bouncing bag o’ beats and a strong tailwind. Thanks to show organizers Nightdrive Miami, we have two free tickets to give away to one fortunate son or daughter. To enter the contest, leave a comment on this post and we will announce the winner — chosen with a whirl of my trusty salad spinner — on our Facebook page on Friday. Make sure you use a real email address so we can get in touch if you win. Good luck y’all! Update: Contest closed. Congrats Felicia!

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Sam Friend and Animal Tropical at the Electric Pickle

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Sam Friend Singing

Sam Friend and co. made up for the cover at the Electric Pickle.

Miami bands Animal Tropical and Sam Friend played short sets at the Electric Pickle, in Wynwood, Thursday night. After coughing up $5 Wednesday for Churchill’s Acoustic Night — an unwarranted tax considering there was neither the crowd nor the lineup to justify labeling the event a “night” — I was none too happy to get pinched for another five spot at Electric Pickle’s door. Listen, I understand the bands need to get paid. But if two glasses of Jameson cost the same as a bottle of Jameson at your bar, then pay them out of my tab. Or live up to your strobe-light/website, which btw advertises no cover on Thursday nights, and throw a damn party. Otherwise, exacting $5 at the door — the door that leads to the bar with the $9 Jameson and the $7 Stella Artois — feels kinda effed up.

As for the music, Animal Tropical has an Of Montreal By Way Of Miami thing happening that I can get into via Jarrett Hann’s ping-pongy bass and Jorge Rubiera’s impetuous drumming. But Jose Castello’s tongue-in-cheek, pipe-in-mouth vocal style and mid-brow name dropping (Picasso, Henry James) don’t work for me.

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