Photos from an endless Endless Summer

By | March 4th, 2011 | 42 Comments

The Band In Heaven

Despite organizer Sean Wouters’ insistence that Endless Summer’s 17-band lineup would progress like a military parade — 20 minute sets, 15 minute set-ups — the show was running two hours behind schedule and shedding disgruntled acts (Lil Daggers, por ejemplo) when I got to Grand Central close to midnight, proving once again that Miami is always later than you. I caught the Heartstrings, throwback punks with oldies alter egos; The Band In Heaven, WPBers who dress boredom up in reverb; and Psychic Mirrors, a tight and quasi-schticky synth soul ensemble (still figuring them out).

With attendance falling several hundred short of the 491 RSVP count on Facebook, Miami might still be recovering from last week’s demi-epic Bruise Cruise Kick-Off. I also suspect a high schoolish get-out-the-“Like” drive (there were quite a few PSATers in attendance). In any case, Endless Summer belonged in a smaller venue (Vagabond or Eve), not the Grand Central terminal.

So, yeah, the show was kinda a bust. I’m not sure if the five acts scheduled to follow Psychic Mirrors — Little Beard, Deaf Poets, Teepee, Ice Cream, Nick Scappa/ANR & Friends — ever took the stage, but, if so, Endless Summer II is still going on and will end sometime in May. (Now I get the name.)

This guy

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Hot Songs from Endless Summer

By | February 21st, 2011 | 8 Comments

Summering in spring with more bands than you knew SoFla had.

Call it a misnomer, but Miami’s Endless Summer II nonetheless boasts a diverse lineup of SoFla bands set to rock Grand Central on March 3. ESII organizer Sean Wouters, of the local rock duo Deaf Poets, threw together the perfect ingredients for a mini-fest: a helping of Miami’s finest (Lil Daggers, Animal Tropical), a few West Palm Beach delicacies (Guy Harvey, The Band In Heaven), and a dash of promising unknowns. (See full lineup below.)

Tickets are going for $12 ($10 if you RSVP with Grand Central), or about 66 cents to see each of the 18 bands on the roster. For those of you thinking, “Hey, I work hard for 66 cents”, here are six tracks from six bands playing Endless Summer II to help you decide if the price is right.

This Heart Electric – “Shark Teeth”

This may have been recorded in Ricardo Guerrero’s bedroom, but it was made to wake a party the fuck up. With Guerrero juggling vocals, samples, instrumentals, and effects, this is audio tapestry at its finest. I’m just guessing, but that maniacal laughter you hear in “Shark Teeth” is probably Guerrero’s reaction to hearing this for the first time.

“Shark Teeth”

Danielle Steele – “Silhouette Man”

The lone featured singer-songwriter on the Endless Summer bill, Danielle Steele is another sweet-voiced, melody-making Miamian (think Omine Eager, Rachel Goodrich, Raffa Jo Harris). Get through the initial similarities and enjoy Steele’s range and Mirah-esque melancholy on “Silhouette Man”.

“Silhouette Man”

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