Darren Hayman makes a Miami song for January 7

By | January 7th, 2011 | 1 Comment
"Esplanade Drive" Lyrics

Hayman's "Esplanade Drive" lyric sheet

Upon finding out about Darren Hayman’s January Songs project, for which he will produce 31 brand new songs — one each day — by month’s end, I immediately emailed the songwriter asking him to write one about Miami. Hayman’s band Hefner was all the rage in the late ’90s, going so far as securing a spot in John Peel’s tasteful heart. I was sure my email would end up electronic trash — after all, Hayman was Hefner’s leading man — but Hayman’s reply came as quickly as his song: “OK, I’ll do a song about Miami today.”

The gentleman from Essex was kind enough to deliver “Esplanade Drive”, a whimsically sad song about falling out of love in Miami. If it sounds a little like Hot Chip meets Miami Vice, it’s because Hayman chose his instruments accordingly. “Because it’s the 7th today, I used a DX7, a classic 80s keyboard, so I guess I had Crockett’s Theme in the back of my head (which I have covered before),” Hayman said.

Hayman answered a few more questions about January Songs, which he says is “a truly ridiculous project. It’s all about speed.” Speed, indeed. Ridiculous, methinks not.

What inspired January Songs?

Darren Hayman: I get down sometimes and hard work is always the thing that lifts me. I also — like everyone else — worry about money, so I thought it would be interesting to work as hard as I could for no money at all to see what it would do to both me and my creativity. I’m not showing off. I think some of the songs will be bad.

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