ANR ‘Stay Kids’ Release Party at Eve on March 5

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ANR CD Release Party

We can't promise a galloping, galactic steed, but ANR's Stay Kids release party at Eve should rock nonetheless.

March 5 is shaping up to be a good day. Not only is it the scheduled date of the Beached Miami/Emerge Miami Scavenger Hunt Bike Ride (expect the details next week), but it is also when Miami dance-punk duo ANR drop their new album, Stay Kids, at Eve downtown. This one’s been in the works for a while, so expect Michael John Hancock (vocals) and Brian Robertson (keyboards, drum machines) to take the stage with a healthy dose of pent-up energy — a promising ingredient in any live show, particularly when the band’s stock-in-trade is synthy, sensual, neo-disco dance tracks.

Now if you caught ANR’s opener for Washed Out at Eve in January, you’ll still want to cough up the $10 for the Stay Kids release party ($15 if you’re under 21). It’s going to be an all-Miami affair with Sweat Records, 10K Islands, and Something In Construction presenting, Little Beard opening, WVUM’s Laura of Miami spinning, Coral Morphologic projecting, RAAGA CART feeding, and Beached Miami wielding the official pen and camera. If there was ever an opportunity to get all your local support out of the way in one fell swoop, this is it.

Seriously, it should be a damn good show by one of Miami’s best bands in a pretty soothing venue. If you need further convincing, here are three tracks off of Stay Kids, including an expanded version of “Endless Field of Mercury”, which was #1 on our Top 15 South Florida Songs of 2010.

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Photos from ANR and Washed Out at Eve

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Washed Out Keys

Ernest Greene (aka Washed Out) bringing the synth at Eve

Last night, Awesome New Republic and Washed Out played an all-ages show at Eve (formerly White Room) downtown. ANR brought the heat for the length of their ≈45-minute set, but for me the Miami dance-punk duo’s sound really came together about midway through with “Endless Field of Mercury” (#1 on our Top 15 SoFla Songs of 2010) and hit its peak with “The Get Out” near the end. The latter contains a killer catchy chord progression that I’ve heard before but will always want to hear again, including right now — but, alas, I can’t find the tune online. (Its sister song, “Don’t Fear the Get Out”, a track off of ANR’s twice-postponed upcoming release, is online.)

Washed Out is the project of Georgia-based multi-instrumentalist Ernest Greene. The music is chill, danceable, breezy — like a wave hooked up to electrodes. And I know that sounds awesome and perfect for Miami, but Washed Out’s set didn’t do much for me. As I mentioned in the previous post, I wasn’t familiar with Greene’s music before last night and I don’t usually fall in love on first listen sans spliff, so I may well come ’round. In fact, if I’d had the chutzpah to crash any one of the several campfires burning at White Room last night, I might still be dancing.

Here are some photos from the show.

The Wall

ANR Drums
ANR singer/drummer John Hancock

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