New Waves: ‘Wynwood Bootleg’ by Gold Dust Lounge

By | March 6th, 2012 | No Comments
'Wynwood Bootleg' -- Gold Dust Lounge

Pardon the police sirens.

With the release last month of Wynwood Bootleg, Gold Dust Lounge confirmed itself as the gallery district’s unofficial house band. Spearheaded by Russell Mofsky, a founding member of notable Miami punk band Quit, Gold Dust Lounge is that rare music act that accurately describes its own music: “original post-surf, noir, spy-fi rock-n-roll.” Throw in the spirit of free-form jazz and you’ve got Wynwood Bootleg, a collection of 13 tracks recorded live on a Wynwood sidewalk (thus, the occasional police siren in the background).

The songs on Wynwood Bootleg all have a surf core but reach out with instinctive tentacles to natural, unexpected territory. Featuring Pixies-like volume tinkering, “No Doze” meshes alt-country and surf rock in a nod to the Bakersfield sound (think Giant Sand). And on their extended, jangly cover of The Chantays’ “Pipeline”, one of the most famous instrumentals ever, the trio/sometime quintet flexes their versatility by stripping the song of its organ and encasing it in art-rock reverb.

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