Giveaway! Morrissey’s ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Dracula’ at MB Cinema

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Have you ever wondered how Dracula keeps himself so fresh and clean after thousands of long years in hot pursuit of virgin’s blood? If so, watch the opening credits of Blood For Dracula, an outrageous cult classic by director Paul Morrissey (presented by Andy Warhol with a cameo by Roman Polanski) that is screening at Miami Beach Cinematheque Tuesday night to ring in Halloween.

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Photos: Ghosts of Miami Critical Mass Halloween Rides Past

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Miami Critical Mass Halloween Costume Ride (Oct. 28, 2011) (9)

Boo! The annual Miami Critical Mass Halloween costume ride is Friday night. — photo by Robby Campbell

This Friday is the last Friday of the month, and that of course means it’s time for Miami Critical Mass, the monthly group bike ride that often draws 1,000+ cyclists. This month’s ride will leave Government Center at 7:15 p.m. for a 15-mile journey through East Little Havana, Miracle Mile, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, Coral Way, Little Havana, The Roads, Brickell, and Downtown (see route).

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Photos: Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse

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I’ve got to hand it to Miami people. They won’t show up to vote on a cloudless morning, but hours of endless rain won’t stop them from leaving the house dressed up as, say, a pair of Devilled eggs (or simply a pair of devils) to get down after dark on Halloween weekend. Which is to say, despite the fact that it rained cats and Cujos Saturday night, the Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse drew ghouls, goblins, Mad Hatters, Miss Piggies, and bloodied nurses from all over Miami. Kudos to everyone who came out to terrorize the night in full Halloween regalia. You made the party a wonderful horror.

Sketchy Halloween Party Photo (1)

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Photos: Miami Critical Mass Halloween Costume Ride

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Friday night a silverback gorilla, an extraterrestrial, Charlie Chaplin, and approximately 800 other cyclists all went for a 19-mile bike ride through Coconut Grove, Downtown, Shenandoah, and Little Havana. Despite the rain, an asshole in a Cadillac sedan who threw a driving tantrum dangerously close to hundreds of cyclists, and the surveillance of a police helicopter, the Critical Mass costume ride was a solid way to gear up for Halloween weekend and the Sketchy Miami Halloween Party at Awarehouse tonight (RSVP). Here are some of our photos from the ride. You can see many more on the Beached Miami Facebook page.



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Spooky spokes, or boocycles, or Critical Mass-querade, or …

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Miami Critical Mass Halloween Ride Flyer

Beware. The Miami Critical Mass Halloween ride is upon us. -- image from

It’s the last Friday of the month, and as always that means hundreds of cyclists will ride through the streets of Miami tonight in Critical Mass. The difference this particular month is that there will very likely be a werewolf, a slutty vampiress, and, most frightening, a perfectly normal-looking Wall Street banker pedaling in the pack.

Yes, it’s Halloween weekend and the best way to gear up for our Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse on Saturday night is to cobble together a costume, climb onto your bike, and roll through the streets of Miami with fake blood dripping from both corners of your mouth. The 19-mile ride through Coconut Grove, Downtown, Shenandoah, and Little Havana takes off from Government Center at 7 p.m. and ends up at the Filling Station, where there will be a contest for best costume.

To learn more, levitate over to the Miami Critical Mass Facebook group. You can also peep our photos from last year’s Halloween ride to get a sense of what you’re in for. This entourage of Mario Kart junkies took home the gold trophy in the 2010 costume race. Tonight, though, victory could be yours.

Mario Kart Gang

p.s. Green Mobility Network is providing free bike valet at the Sketchy Halloween Party, so feel free to ride on over.

p.p.s. For those of you wondering if I ran out of corny subtitles for this post, I didn’t. “Aaahh!!! Real Massters” wouldn’t fit.

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Spookover at the Deering Estate

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Most people ain’t afraid of no ghosts. The brothers Campbell are. In an attempt to conquer that fear in time for the Sketchy Halloween Party this Saturday (RSVP), they recently visited one of the most haunted places in South Florida, the Deering Estate, in the comforting company of the League of Paranormal Investigators. A Miami-based team dedicated to investigating spirit and paranormal activities, the LPI is hosting a Spookover at the Deering Estate on Friday night. If you enjoy being terrified, you should go. This video will give you a sense of the bejeezus expulsion that awaits you.

We at Beached Miami love Halloween, so much so we’re throwing a Halloween party at Awarehouse on Saturday night. There’s going to be live art, live music, Halloween costumes, tales of terror, booze, food, and blood. Basically, everything you need to have a good time on Halloween weekend in Miami. To RSVP, visit the Facebook event page.

If you’re bloodthirsty for more Halloween footage, check out these two videos from earlier in the month:

Robby and Robby debate where to spend this Halloween, and someone gets hurt
“Looking For Love at the Lincoln Road Zombie Walk”

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Brains, Blood, Wookiee Hair: The Sketchy Halloween Party Raffle

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The Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse is this Saturday (RSVP), and everyone who comes automatically has a chance to win a piece of original art by one of the 10 local artists who will be on the scene to sketch you in your Halloween’s best. (Come in costume!) To learn more about this extravaganza of live art, live music, booze, food, and blood, visit the Sketchy Halloween Party Facebook page.

Here are most (not all) of the pieces that will be in the party raffle. In the spirit of Halloween, they vary from gory to Chewie. If you see one that you really want, you can buy extra raffle tickets at the party. Otherwise, you’ll have to try your luck with the one free ticket you get with entry. First up …

JeanPaul Mallozzi

"Sebastian" by JeanPaul Mallozzi"Karen Padron" by JeanPaul Mallozzi"Erin N" by JeanPaul Mallozzi
Check out more of JeanPaul’s work on Sketchy Miami.

Brian Butler

Sketchy Halloween Party Raffle Piece
Check out more of Brian’s work on Sketchy Miami.

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Got any Halloween plans?

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With the Sketchy Halloween Party around the corner, we figured we’d let you know the consequence of staying home and watching Jeepers Creepers (I and/or II) on Saturday, Oct. 29. To RSVP to the party, check out the Facebook event page. For discounted prepay tickets, visit See full event details below the video.

What: Sketchy Halloween Party
Where: Awarehouse
When: Saturday, Oct. 29
Time: 10 p.m. – 3 a.m.
Prepay: HERE

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Looking for love at the Lincoln Road Zombie Walk

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On Saturday, Oct. 1, Miami’s zombies’ parents brought their children to South Beach for their annual stroll up and down Lincoln Road. Beached Miami star reporter Robby Campbell was on the scene to make sure this crucial tradition didn’t suffer the indignity of a media blackout. Plus, he was lonely.

Many thanks to videographer-editor Francisco Moraga for risking a bite to the throat to make this piece. It is the first of two ghoulish videos we will be presenting in the lead-up to the Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse on Saturday, Oct. 29. (RSVP on Facebook.) In case you were wondering, the event is 21+, so, sadly, none of the Lincoln Road zombies will be there.

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Sketchy Roundup: Red and Pink

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You will notice a few ghouls in this roundup of Sketchy Miami portraits. That is because we are encouraging — with the implicit threat of afterlife haunting — local artists to do scary Sketchys in the spirit of our Sketchy Halloween Party at Awarehouse on Saturday, Oct. 29. (RSVP on Facebook.) To see all of the scary Sketchys to date, visit

You will also see a fair amount of the color pink. Those portraits come out of Sketchy Pink, an effort to raise money for breast cancer research. To learn more, visit and/or stop by our table in the Wynwood Market during Art Walk on Saturday night. We’ll be there with several local artists waiting impatiently for faces to draw.

In the meantime, check out these Sketchys from the last few weeks. Click on any one to visit its artist’s profile page, where you will see all of the artist’s portraits and learn more about him/her in the sidebar.

“Luis Diaz” by Martin Rodriguez

Martin will be one of the featured artists at our upcoming Sketchy Pink Party at The Betsy-South Beach on Sunday, Oct. 23. You’re invited!

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