Franco en route, Hoagland enrapt

By | April 30th, 2011 | 6 Comments

Here’s what was supposed to happen: Actor and alleged poet James Franco was to read from his recently published book of short stories, Palo Alto, in the main hall of the New World Symphony while an enrapt packed house wondered to itself why God makes some so pretty and others just eh. Instead, a confluence of vicissitude — persistent rain and President Obama vetoing the airspace above the Magic City as Air Force One left Miami International — made it so Franco’s plane sat on a runway in Orlando two hours after the O, Miami event was scheduled to start.

Disaster, right? Not exactly. As you can see from the above photo, the Green Goblin did eventually make it, and though he was conspicuously in no mood to flash a smile at hundreds of starry-eyed strangers and sign whatever they put under his pen, he did exactly that for more than an hour.

But that wasn’t what saved the evening.

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Thank God: A pipeline to James Franc,O

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The following was written by an O, Miami poetry festival intern named Fictitious Intern, not by O, Miami festival director P. Scott Cunningham. Definitely not.

James Franc,O is an actor from Pal,O Alt,O who has starred in such films as YO,ur Highness, HO,wl, and Eat, Pray, LO,ve. He’s also reading poetry in Miami on Friday, April 29, at the New World Center on Miami Beach as part of O, Miami’s closing weekend (buy tickets at According to O, Miami’s organizers, many of you have been emailing to request personal audiences with Sir Franc,O during his Miami visit, but unfortunately, due to Franc,O’s schedule, O, Miami director Scott Cunningham has informed us that is “impossible.” What O, Miami has done instead is to set up an email address — — that will be used as a conduit to the star. The messages must abide by two simple rules:

1. It must be in the form of a poem. The poem doesn’t have to be a direct message per se to James. It could just be some poem you’ve written that you’d like him to read.

2. It can’t be more than 500 words (he’s a busy man)

Finally, Cunningham says he can’t guarantee that Franc,O will read the poems.

“I don’t have a button that makes Franc,O do stuff,” he said. “Though if I did . . . ” (FYI, the thought of having such a button really did cause Cunningham to drift off in a manner best expressed typographically by an ellipsis. It took loud clapping on my part to break him from his reverie, which I was reluctant to do, given the grin on his face.)

One thing Cunningham can guarantee is that all rule-abiding messages will be delivered into Franc,O’s beautiful hands.

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