With Basel closing in, ‘Rising Tide: A Story of Miami Artists’ premiers

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"Piece Of An Infinite Whole" by Jen Stark

“Piece Of An Infinite Whole” by Jen Stark, one of seven Miami artists featured in the documentary Rising Tide.

Premiering next week, Rising Tide is a documentary by local filmmaker Andrew Hevia, a member of the Borscht Film Festival crew, that focuses on seven Miami artists, including Jen Stark, whose mesmerizing work with colored paper we’ve featured in the past.

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Miami Video Week: ‘Believer’, ‘Wereman’, ‘Color Blast’

By | May 13th, 2011 | 10 Comments

This was a productive week for Miami videography with arresting vids premiering here, there, and everywhere. First we have Miami artist Jen Stark’s “Believer”, a stop-motion journey through a paper kaleidoscope that is definitely not for the easily dizzied. Featuring music by Dan Deacon, co-mastermind of unsurpassable internet vid “Drinking Out Of Cups”, and clocking in at more than five minutes, “Believer” is Stark’s most ambitious “papermation” work to date. She made it for an exhibition called “Double Rainbow Rainbow”, which opened at Toronto’s Show & Tell Gallery on Thursday and also features work by painter Maya Hayuk. Check out Stark’s Vimeo channel for similar but shorter clips dating as far back as 2005.

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