Judge set to drop charge against aggressive driver

By | July 17th, 2011 | 16 Comments

A couple of unlikely things led cyclist Ken Bereski II to court with an aggravated assault case against a motorist who he says tried to run him off Alton Road on July 12. The first was that Bereski, a Mac computer consultant who lives and works in South Beach and rides his bike to all of his local jobs, caught the incident on video through a rearview camera he had mounted on his back wheel.

Few cyclists take the precaution of video recording their commutes, but Bereski says he has had so many “near-death” experiences biking around Miami that he typically records all of his rides through two cameras, the one mounted on his back wheel and another on his front wheel that points straight ahead. (On this day, the front wheel camera was busted, so he only has rearview footage.)

The video of the ride shows a black Infiniti SUV close in on Bereski from behind, before passing him on the left in possible violation of Florida’s three-feet passing law. At the next light, Bereski pulled up alongside the driver’s window.

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