New Waves: “I’ll Take Care Of You” by Ketchy Shuby

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Miami soul revivalists Ketchy Shuby have released a cover of Gil Scott-Heron’s “I’ll Take Care Of You”. The track, the first off of the band’s upcoming mixtape, Downtown Soul Record Singles Club II, comes in the lead-up to Ketchy Shuby’s December 1 gig, opening for Lee Fields & The Expressions at The Stage. To learn more about the show, presented by Sweat Records and M.O., check out the event page on

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New Waves: “Long Live The King” by Ketchy Shuby

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Originally released at Sweatstock for this year’s Record Store Day, “Long Live The King”, a darkly cinematic track by Miami soul act Ketchy Shuby, now has a four-chapter video that is equal parts blood, pulp, and pheromones. Directed by Alain C.E., the video leads the way to Ketchy Shuby’s September release of “Long Live The King” on vinyl.

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New Waves: “Feline Gamma” by Arboles Libres

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Miami alt-rock trio Arboles Libres has released the second single from its forthcoming debut full-length, Father, which still does not have an official release date. The down-tempo, light-hearted “Feline Gamma”, which features Chip Gardner (from local soul act Ketchy Shuby) on piano and producer Aaron Fishbein on bass, is definitely Arboles Libres’s purest pop song to date, though it still manages to let loose behind guitarist Eddie Moreno’s siren-like churning. For more about Father, check out the New Waves post for the album’s first single, “Andar”, and visit the band’s website.

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Miami musicians + Miami artists = Sketchy Bands

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Sketchy Miami, the sibling site of Beached Miami, is bringing together Miami/SoFla musicians and Miami artists to celebrate both communities. If you are familiar with Sketchy Miami, you know the goal of the project is to create a portrait of every person in Miami. For its part, the goal of Sketchy Bands is to create a portrait of the bands (or solo performers) that make our hometown musical, and all of ‘em are welcome to participate.

Since launching Sketchy Bands on Monday, 40+ bands have submitted photos and a handful of artists have submitted portraits, including one of Ketchy Shuby frontman Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez by Samantha Thrall (below) that we’ve lovingly dubbed the Ketchy Sketchy. To view the Sketchy Bands series in full and learn how you can submit your band’s photo for artful immortalization, visit

"Ketchy Shuby" by Samantha Thrall

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New Waves: Ketchy Shuby releases ‘Downtown Soul’

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Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez

Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez, lead singer of Miami soul band Ketchy Shuby, stretching his vocal chords at the Wynwood Walls.

Most people wouldn’t hear the groove in Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”, but Miami soul act Ketchy Shuby, lead by the throat-straining vocals of Jason Joshua Hernandez-Rodriguez, has turned the Nevermind track into a Stax-esque (and Nevermind Miami-worthy) jam on its new release, Downtown Soul. Comprised mostly of covers, the 10-song collection features funkdafied renditions of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Who Shot Ya?”, The Rolling Stones’ “Under My Thumb”, Ween’s “Ocean Man”, and “Broke Like My Soul”, a Ketchy Shuby original so indebted to Otis Redding’s “Can’t Turn You Loose” that the band lists the King of Soul as a co-songwriter. You can stream the entire release below and download it for free on Ketchy Shuby’s bandcamp.

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