ANR Remix Goodrich’s ‘Light Bulb’

By | April 8th, 2011 | 1 Comment

In their remix, Michael-John Hancock and Brian Robertson of ANR give Rachel Goodrich's 'Light Bulb' yet another turn.

Who thought Rachel Goodrich’s twice-released track “Light Bulb” could get catchier? And who needs LCD Soundsystem anyway?* The two questions came to mind when I first heard ANR’s remix of “Light Bulb” on All Things Go. The collabo between two of Miami’s finest takes the track — which originally appeared on Goodrich’s Tinker Toys (2008), then in a Crayola commercial, then again on Rachel Goodrich (2011) — in a very different direction than the infectious, kazoo-and-ukulele’d original. In the direction, that is, of the closing credits of an 80s movie. (The image of a teen in too much denim celebrating a small victory over a petty-tyrannical authority figure should hit your mind’s eye at approximately 0:51.)

The remix’s LCDness — most apparent in the “All My Friends”ish opening and the “Sounds Of Silver”esque closing — comes as no surprise considering ANR’s gestures in that direction in their own music. I also get a Journey “Don’t Stop Believing” vibe that I can’t quite justify. In any event, the remix proves what Crayola and Lucas Levya already had: “Light Bulb” may indeed go out some day, but for now it keeps turning and turning and . . .

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