New Waves: Limited Fanfare Sampler with new PLAINS, Lil Daggers

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To celebrate the end of another brutal winter in the subtropics, Miami-based rock and roll label Limited Fanfare Records presents a “Spring/Summer” sampler featuring new songs by local favorites PLAINS (“Hurricane City”) and Lil Daggers (“Spider Lilly”). Comprising 14 tracks by 14 different bands, most of them with Miami or Florida ties, you can stream the sampler in its entirety for the first time right here and download it via Limited Fanfare’s bandcamp.

If you like what you hear, make sure to catch live performances by Rickolus, Lil Daggers, PLAINS, Ex Norwegian, and sound sleeper at the Block x Blog Festival in Ft. Lauderdale on April 20th.

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New Waves: “Pair of Lives” video by Lil Daggers

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Here’s a new video for an old song from Miami garage rockers Lil Daggers, who are currently working on a split with The Underground Youth that is slated for a U.K. release in December. The video is for “Pair Of Lives”, a track off of Lil Daggers’ debut LP, released in April 2011. Like previous Dags vids (e.g., “Dada Brown”), this one is darkly cinematic in both look and sound. Unlike previous Dags vids, it features lead singer and video director Johnny Saraiva in drag. Enjoy.

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New Waves: “Stray Chank” by Lil Daggers

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Miami swamp-psych outfit Lil Daggers have leaked “Stray Chank”, the second track from the band’s forthcoming release via UK- and France-based label Smoky Carrot Records. The 7” single, which also features “Snake Bird”, will be released overseas in hardcopy on Mar. 12. Stateside scuzz-lovers will find the quintet’s new songs available only through their bandcamp. Lil Daggers will also be releasing a split record (still undecided between 7” or 10”) with Manchester, UK, psychedelic shoegazers Underground Youth in June via UK-based Road Records, which released LD’s self-titled debut in the UK in 2011.

“It’s also only coming out overseas,” Daggers guitarist Jacob Israel said. “No one likes us here, man.”

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Third Thursdays with Guy Harvey, New Coke, Lil Daggers

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Show alert! Beached Miami presents Third Thursdays at The Electric Pickle on Feb. 16 with three of South Florida’s best: Guy Harvey, New Coke, and Lil Daggers. Many thanks to Grolsch for sponsoring the show and supporting South Florida music. To learn all of the details, check out the Facebook event page. Here’s a bit about each band.

GUY HARVEY: Recently featured in Brooklyn Vegan, this West Palm Beach-based quartet plays a solar-powered brand of alt-pop revival that catches the ear like a riptide. Singer Adam Perry recently appeared with Surfer Blood on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Guy Harvey’s “Something in the Way” Nevermind Miami cover is probably the best thing you’ll hear today.

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Nevermind Miami: In Bloom, Stay Away

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Nevermind Miami featuring Lil Daggers and Arboles Libres by Robby Campbell

You can keep up with Nevermind Miami throughout September on -- Art by Robby Campbell

This is the last installment of Nevermind Miami, a tribute to the generation-defining album Nirvana released 20 years ago today, on September 24, 1991. To commemorate the occasion, we asked local musicians to cover each of the 13 songs on the original release.

Intended as a tribute to Nirvana’s pièce de résistance, Nevermind Miami is also a testament to the local music scene, both its vibrancy and its generosity. All of the bands/musicians we asked to take part responded with a hearty “hell yes” and crafted their covers with intense sincerity and prodigious badassmanship. Thank you to all of them for making this series — which you can stream in its entirety at — an enduring work in its own right, and keeping the ghost of Kurt Cobain off our backs.

First up we have Lil Daggers yanking “In Bloom” out of the studio and dragging it by a fraying rope through the swamp. Proceeding at a chain-gang pace, the eerie rendition starts with a crackling crack of distortion and ends in a house (a hideout perhaps) on the bayou. To get more Lil Daggers in your shamelessly sunny life, check out their self-titled LP, released in April, on bandcamp.

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Lil Daggers’ “Dada Brown” video, s/t album release

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Miami’s Lil Daggers play a breed of organ-grinding rock that sounds like it was dragged face down through a swamp. The band’s self-titled debut LP, released digitally in April and physically today, is built on pronounced tempo changes, emphatic thumps and thuds, muddy riffs, ‘60s pop, and searing organ chops, lending itself to cinematic interpretation. Enter director Michael J. Ruiz-Unger, whose stark video for Lil Daggers’ “Dada Brown” plays out like a grindhouse noir vignette. Unfolding at a slow-drip pace that mirrors the Daggers’ droning, post-mushroom-consumption sound, Ruiz-Unger’s starlit short (co-written with Daggers’ frontman Johnny Saraiva) features a smart ’71 Buick GS, a goateed and shotgun-toting boyfriend (Eddie Garcia), and a brunette resigned to her bullet-riddled fate (Christina Willow). Action!

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Lil Daggers ‘King Corpse’ video

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Less than two weeks after the release of their full-length debut, Lil Daggers, Miami’s muddiest psych rockers, have released a video for “King Corpse”, a song released last year on their 4-song 7” Livid Records release. While it’s an oddball move to release a video for a song that came out a year ago, it’s a smart way to re-introduce equally strong tracks while folks from all over are starting to pay attention (accolades from Nylon mag, BBC, RCRDLBL, and Sound on the Sound).

The “King Corpse” vid dizzyingly follows a hooded convenient store thief through the backstreets of Miami while his dickhead boss chases him. I’d never run that much for vengeance or booze, but it’s nice to put the Daggers’ music to a particular crime.

The video was directed by Matthew Prickett, a 25-year-old Miami resident from Worksop, England.  The Lil Daggers self-titled debut (also on Livid) is available digitally, while the limited-to-500 black vinyl LP can be pre-ordered now and shipped out late May.

Sneak Listen: Two tracks off upcoming Lil Daggers LP

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Four of the five Daggers awash in ameoba at Discosoma HQ.

With the release of their King Corpse EP last year following the split 7” b/w Satan’s Youth Ministers, Lil Daggers (Livid Records) honed their nefarious stoned-at-midnight blues and proved themselves to be one of Miami’s most promising acts. On April 12, after more than two years as a band, the fivesome will finally feed the rock-hungry public an LP: Lil Daggers, an 11-song collection of murky psych rock. Discosoma Records is also releasing a limited-run Lil Daggers 7” in early March, featuring “Sweetwater” (exclusive to the Discosoma release) and “Slave Exchange”, which is also on the forthcoming LP.

Lil Daggers guitarist Jacob Israel leaked us two tracks off of the upcoming release and took some time to chat via email about Lil Daggers, getting tagged with the “garage” label, and the blade slinger lurking within organist Reuben Molinares.

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Top 15 Songs of the Year by South Florida

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This has been a very important year for South Florida music, with no shortage of spectacular acts, songs, and albums coming out of the scene. Yes, South Florida has a scene now, and finally one with some damn good homegrown music as its foundation (thanks in large part to the crop of stellar West Palm Beach talent). Besides the Jameses’ Pitchfork debut and the Dewars release of Songs from the Neverglades — one of my favorite albums of the year — we also saw the emergence of Jared McKay and Colin Foord’s Discosoma Records, the continued forward thinking of Lolo Reskin’s Sweat Records (which is bringing No Age back to Miami again in January), and Surfer Blood’s “Swim” getting re-released on Rough Trade Records. All in all, as Frank would say, it was a good year. To celebrate it, and South Florida’s evolving music culture, here are my favorite 15 SoFla tracks of 2010.

15. “Vampire” by Axe and the Oak – While every song from their Record Store Day 2010 EP is dripping with greatness, “Vampire” attains the heights of Franz Ferdinand cum Bauhaus. It isn’t the best track on the 6-song EP (see below), but it is most representative of what makes this trio tick.

14. “Greenpoint” by BFGF – Like most of Chris Video’s music, this song dares you not to shake, wiggle, and bob. With “Greenpoint”, BFGF takes sinister aim at EDM, plucking and placing goth rock elements within their usual synthetic landscape.

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Vice Mag Full Bleed Book Bash At Bar

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Vice Magazine rolled down from NYC to host a party at Bar née PS14 last night to celebrate its new book, Full Bleed: New York City Skate Photography, which spans 30 years (70s to present day) of reckless rebels turning the Big Apple into their personal skate park. A collection of photos from the 304-page book, whose contributors include Spike Jonze, Dennis McGrath, and Allen Ying, covered the wall in Bar’s soothing back patio, and Vice reps were handing out some decent free tees. Fresh off the zombie beat, we got there after midnight, just in time to hear Being’s last few songs and Lil Daggers’ whole set. Silly string aside, it was a good show and a fun event, though I’d rather see Miamians gawking at their own photohistory than an NYC export. #oneday.

Here are a few photos from the party.

Vice Magazine Full Bleed Miami Onlookers

Vice Magazine Full Bleed Pointer

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