Miami Music Festival: Day Two, Strike Two

By | November 13th, 2010 | 8 Comments
Fernando Perdomo at MMF

Fernando Perdomo, left, shredding for a sparse crowd at Tobacco Road.

After the Miami Music Festival’s disappointing opening night, my plan was to go to Tobacco Road for a promising Miami triumvirate: Madame Omine, Fernando Perdomo’s Dreaming In Stereo, and Arboles Libres (all signed to Perdomo’s Miami-based label Forward Motion Records).

Perdomo sat in with Omine on the outside stage, his guitar work adding a controlled frenzy to her rollicking roadhouse blues. Probably the foremost pleasure of the night was seeing how much Perdomo enjoys himself on stage. The rumpled man wields a wicked ax and routinely tosses off riffs that give standard chord progressions new life. Perdomo is an incorrigible local (see “I’m Not Gonna Move to L.A.”) who has done more than his fair share for Miami’s music scene, and it was good to see him get his rocks off on stage — his own Forward Motion-sponsored stage — at a venerable Miami venue.

Problem was, I was one of only about 30 people watching (29, if you don’t count Perdomo’s mother). Attendance at the other MMF stage upstairs was even worse. In fact, there might have been more people inside watching the Portland-Oklahoma game, seemingly oblivious that a music festival was underway, than there were at the two stages combined. So Perdomo and Omine gamely sent their musical energy out into an empty night, and in return they got a round of applause befitting a show-and-tell presentation.

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