Miami-Dade County tells Occupy Miami to move

By | November 10th, 2011 | 1 Comment

On short notice, Miami-Dade County has told the Occupy Miami protesters to relocate from their current encampment on County Hall grounds to the adjacent north lawn to make room for a construction project, according to a county official. From the Herald:

“It’s a safety hazard for them to be there,” said Susie Trudie, a county spokeswoman. “We’re hoping for a peaceful resolution.”

The county sent a letter on Nov. 4 to the protest permit-holders, giving a 5 p.m. Thursday deadline for the short move.

The issue with the protesters: They feel they had “an indefinite permit” to be in the area.

“We’ll move, but on two conditions. One, that the permit stays indefinite. And two, that we see a contractor’s schedule,” said Jorgen Fernandez, 22, an activist from Miami Lakes.

Situated on the other side of a large fountain from where the Occupy Miami protest has been based since mid-October, the north lawn is already filling up with tents, according to the Herald article. This suggests that at least some of the protesters don’t view the eviction as part of a power struggle between the movement and the local authorities, which, unlike in several other cities across the country, have had a good rapport heretofore.

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