New Waves: “Hi Luv” by Kodiak Fur

By | August 9th, 2012 | No Comments

Freshly formed Miami band Kodiak Fur, which includes three members of the Mr. Familiar production team and singer-songwriter Albert Vargas, could not have released a debut song further from expectations. Pulled off with authenticity and intrigue, the decidedly lo-fi “Hi Luv” stands in stark opposition to Mr. Familiar’s typically glossy productions and Vargas’s tamed acoustic style. “Hi Luv” indulges in cheap drum machines and a murky sheen but successfully combines it with perky synths and old school hip-hop beats that Hot Chip fans will enjoy. The resulting song, off of Kodiak Fur’s self-titled debut EP (due out on August 14), strikes hard with sex appeal and ennui, embodied in the coquettish brunette star of “Hi Luv”‘s fittingly low-budget video.

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