Mofreakingfungo at Jimmy’z

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Jimmy'z Kitchen Menu Board

Mofongo. Besides having the best name in all of cookery (and the best aka, fufu de plátano), this mutt of a dish most closely associated with Puerto Rico is just damned delicious. And on the weekends, Jimmy’z Kitchen, a tiny eatery at 1542 Alton Road in South Beach, serves it right.

Jimmy is an Irish-Cuban-American who grew up in Puerto Rico eating mofongo, a mashed mound of fried plantains, garlic, spices, and pork cracklins. He opened his restaurant in May 2007 and soon his Puerto Rican friends demanded he give them a taste of home. Being a nice guy, he obliged. Now Puerto Ricans across Miami know where they can get their fix every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Jimmy says the dish is too labor intensive to serve daily). With fellow Boricuas manning the mortar and pestle in Jimmy’s Kitchen’s kitchen, they know they are in good hands.

Now, I’m far from being a Mofongo Aficionado (is there a more coveted title?), but my mother and aunt, Puerto Ricans through and through, both give Jimmy’z shrimp mofongo the seal of approval. My favorite version so far is the mojo pork, which is a plate of tender, tangy paradise. Jimmy’z also serves mofongo with fried pork (the classic), chicken, Mahi Mahi, and tofu. Score one for the vegetarians.

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Coral Gables Hispanic Cultural Festival

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My mother dragged me to more city-sponsored arts and culture festivals as a child than I care to remember, so I didn’t have high expectations for the Gables festival yesterday. With a low bar to clear, it surprised me. While stormy skies kept attendance down, and while the average age was skewed to a hip late-20s number by the fact that almost everyone there was either geriatric or pediatric, there was just enough to make the excursion worthwhile.

Above all was a troupe of Latina flamenco dancers. I’ve seen flamenco shows in Spain, and I’m not sure if these lovely ladies would please a Sevilla audience. But, for obvious reasons, they had my attention.

Lovely Latina Flamenco Dancers

Other than the flamenco show (which needed a live band), the Gables fest yielded a few semiprecious treasures, por ejemplo, these ceramic demitasses by Bernardo Cueto.

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