And the winner of the Miami Bike Hunt is …

By | November 12th, 2012 | 13 Comments
Photo by @fatcatsfuntimes

Yes, participants went all out in this year’s Miami Bike Hunt. — photo by @fatcatsfuntimes

As it turns out, Twitter could handle an Arab Spring but it couldn’t handle Saturday’s Miami Bike Hunt, which sent 100 two-person teams of prize-hungry cyclists throughout South Beach to conquer a list of whacked-out challenges (for example, “Photograph a lemur in a diaper” — turns out there were two on Lincoln Road).

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Talking poetry and other turn-ons with Andrew Whiteman

By | April 26th, 2011 | 7 Comments
Andrew Whiteman

Broken Social Scene guitarist, O, Miami poet, and Jewel basher Andrew Whiteman -- photo from

In my ongoing mission to interview each of the 47 members in Canadian indie-rock collective Broken Social Scene, I spoke to guitarist Andrew Whiteman last month ahead of his two upcoming O, Miami poetry festival events at Purdy Lounge (Literary Death Match Thursday night and Broken Social Spam Friday night).

Besides being in at least three bands — Apostle of Hustle and AroarA in addition to Broken Social Scene — Whiteman is also a dedicated reader and writer of poetry. In our interview, we spoke about his upcoming book of poems, Tourism; Jewel, Billy Corgan, and other “horrible” poet-musicians; and the time he jammed in the Arctic with an experimental Inuit throat singer beneath a 90-foot glacier. (I know, that last one is so banal, but Whiteman insisted we talk about it.)

What can you tell me about Tourism?

It’s largely about being on tour, something people don’t really know about. It’s about my experiences touring [with Broken Social Scene] in 2010 … for Forgiveness Rock Record. We went to Europe three times, we went to Asia twice, North America a few times.

Did that tour stand out to you as good material over previous tours for any reason?

Well, you know, it’s good because it’s contained. It’s a specific time and a specific record. April 2010 to, say, February 2011. It’s nice. People can handle that. Poetry is difficult enough to have people read. You know what I mean? You put a frame on something and it’s kinda easier for people to take it or leave it.

Poetry isn’t exactly popular in our culture, which is something O, Miami is working to change. Do you think a book of poetry based on a touring rock band might reach a broader audience than most books of poetry?

It’s certainly possible. Jewel sold a lot of books [laughs]. I’m in the same camp by doing this as a lot of absolutely horrible musicians and worse poets, like Billy Corgan and Jewel and let’s see — who else? Ryan Adams. That’s not the exact company I’d like to keep. My point in mentioning those books is that they get printed. People do buy them.

I think poetry right now is pathetic. I mean, reading’s place in culture is highly diminished since TV, and poetry goes down with that. But within the reading world, I don’t think poetry has lost any sort of ratio as a piece of the pie.

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Shameless Burlesque Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Purdy

By | April 13th, 2011 | 2 Comments

The unabashed ladies of Shameless Burlesque, a troupe founded in Miami by Madame Holly Peño, had a tea party last night at Purdy Lounge. It being my unbirthday, I decided to celebrate.

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