New Waves: The Dirty Demos by Jag (aka Rachel Goodrich)

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The Dirty Demos by Jag (aka Rachel Goodrich)

Rachel Goodrich trades in bright acoustics for dirty distortion with her new solo project, Jag.

If you’re familiar with Miami-born, L.A.-based musician Rachel Goodrich‘s first two albums, Tinker Toys (2008) and Rachel Goodrich (2011), you might describe her sound as vaudevillian blues with equal parts cuteness, quirk, sass, stonerism, and sentimental sincerity, a mixture she calls “Shake-a-billy”, played with a ukulele and a kazoo to the thump of a bass drum. You might note influences ranging from Karen Dalton all the way to Tiny Tim (whose “Tip Toe Through The Tulips” Goodrich covers).

The term “garage rock” certainly wouldn’t come to mind.

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New Waves: ‘Apple Juice & Whiskey’ by Rachel Goodrich’s alter ego

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'Apple Juice & Whiskey'

Rachel Hoodrich makes her musical debut with Apple Juice & Whiskey

A couple months back Rachel Goodrich, Miami-born, Los Angeles-based songwriter with Blind Willie McTell, Karen Dalton, and the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band in her musical heart of hearts, changed the surname on her personal Facebook profile to “Hoodrich” and posted a photo of herself mid-strut on a South Beach sidewalk, t-shirt knotted in front to reveal her belly button, face puckered and hair done up in approximation of a typical, sassy ’90s hoochiemama. On Friday, April 20, Goodrich put out her alter ego’s first release, Apple Juice & Whiskey, a 13-track, self-produced, drum-machine-driven romp of supersilly interludes and a handful of songs and songlets that are very different than most of her previous output.

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Live Music Weekend Roundup: King Khan, Chaka Khan, non Khans

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Between now and Sunday there is a festival’s worth of worthy live music in Miami, including day two of the Bruise Cruise Kick-off Party at The Stage with Fucked Up, King Khan and the Shrines, and Jacuzzi Boys (Thursday); Com Truise at Bardot (Saturday); and the B-52s at the Arsht Center (Sunday). There’s also an actual festival — the GrassRoots Festival at Virginia Key (Thursday – Sunday), headlined by Chaka Khan and Fishbone — and a Rachel Goodrich show at Bayfront Park with Tristan Clopet and The Jacob Jeffries Band for the DWNTWN Miami Concert Series.

Update: The Bayfront Park show has been cancelled due to threat of rain. Rachel Goodrich is instead playing at Vagabond. See the Miami Music Guide listing for full details.

For full details on all of the shows going down this weekend, check out the Miami Music Guide — but not before watching this performance of “Bananas” from Goodrich’s Jan. 20 show at Ricochet, presented by Beached Miami. The video was made by Shaun Wright.

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Photos: Rachel Goodrich and Kazoots at Ricochet

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Friday night, in her first Miami show in almost a year, Rachel Goodrich reminded a capacity crowd at Midtown lounge Ricochet what they’ve been missing since she moved to Los Angeles. Leaving her signature ukulele and kazoo in their cases and donning a pair of red sequined pants for her homecoming, Goodrich, backed excellently by a full band, played a set that included songs off her 2011 self-titled LP, new tracks, and a swaggering version of Tinker Toys gem “Little Brass Bear”. Afro-indie rock outfit Kazoots opened up the night with a fiery performance that bodes well for the young quintet’s emergence onto the Miami music scene. To see our photos from the show, visit the Beached Miami Facebook page.

Rachel Goodrich at Ricochet

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Rachel Goodrich and the Moneybags: ‘Run To You’

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Tonight! Swing by Midtown lounge Ricochet for Rachel Goodrich’s first Miami show in almost a year, co-presented by Beached Miami. Rachel will take the stage with her band, The Moneybags, and afro-indie rock quintet Kazoots is opening. Come thirsty — there will be Grolsch beer specials all night. To learn more about the show, check out the event page on Facebook.

Here is Rachel and the Moneybags playing an acoustic version of “Run To You” on WLRN’s Folk & Acoustic Music with Michael Stock last Sunday.

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Rachel Goodrich and the Moneybags with Kazoots at Ricochet

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On Friday, Jan. 20, Shake-a-billy chanteuse and hometown gal Rachel Goodrich will play her first Miami show in almost a year, taking the stage at Midtown lounge Ricochet with her band, The Moneybags. Afro-indie rock quintet Kazoots will open with singer/songwriter Inez Barlatier on lead vocals. To get all the details, visit the Facebook event page.

Rachel Goodrich at Ricochet w/ Kazoots

*Gene Ween and Dave Dreiwitz of Ween were supposed to play as well, but they had to cancel their tour for undisclosed reasons.

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Gene Ween & Dave Dreiwitz with Rachel Goodrich at Ricochet

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Awesome show alert! On Wednesday, Jan. 18, Gene Ween and Dave Dreiwitz of Ween — inimitable, iconoclastic, ingenious Ween! — are playing at Midtown lounge Ricochet one day before they ship out on the Weezer Cruise. Flying in from Los Angeles for her first Miami show in almost a year, Shake-a-billy chanteuse and hometown gal Rachel Goodrich, who released a self-titled LP back in February, is opening with her band, the Moneybags. To get all the details about the show, visit the Facebook event page.

Gene Ween & Dave Dreiwitz, Rachel Goodrich Flyer

The Sort Of English Pub that Dave Daniels built

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Churchill's Pub

Winston Churchill's face may be over the door, but Miami's "Sort Of English Pub" is a reflection of Dave Daniels. -- photo by Robby Campbell

Anyone that has been to Churchill’s Pub in Little Haiti has a story to tell.

First-timers and people who never went back will warn you about thick-tongued men who ooze out of darkness and, trembling, offer to watch your car for a dollar. Regulars know the implied threat — “watch” means “not break into” — is usually a bluff. Some even know the men’s names or at least the handles they’ve adopted for use in this parking lot and the myriad other shadowy places they congregate at around the neighborhood.

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Nevermind Miami: Territorial Pissings, Something In The Way

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Miami Nevermind: Territorial Pissings, Something In The Way

You can keep up with Nevermind Miami throughout September on

This is the third installment of Nevermind Miami, a tribute to the generation-defining album Nirvana released 20 years ago, on September 24, 1991. To commemorate the occasion, we have asked local musicians to cover each of the 13 songs on the original release. We will be posting the covers throughout September in no particular order.

First up in this installment, we have Miami-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Rachel Goodrich covering “Territorial Pissings”. The song is the grungiest on Nevermind, with Kurt Cobain straining both his vocal chords and guitar strings to the snapping point and Dave Grohl doing his darnedest to make toothpicks of drumsticks.

Backed by harmonica, Goodrich slows the track down on a loose-strung acoustic guitar and channels Cobain’s inner bluesman, which didn’t always shine through Nirvana’s studio output but played an exquisite role in the band’s masterful Unplugged album (see “Where Did You Sleep Last Night”). To listen to more of Goodrich’s music, visit (aka Yellow Bear HQ).

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Rachel Goodrich does Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison

Johnny Cash performing at Folsom Prison, the setting of one of his most famous songs.

Only a few months in the Wild West and Rachel Goodrich has already shot a man in Reno just to watch him die. Not really. But the Miami native, who packed her kazoo and ukulele and moved to Los Angeles last year, did recently release a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues” to Here’s the explanation she gave VM for jumping into the uniform of a murderously curious man and locking herself away in a six-by-eight-foot cell:

I am a Johnny Cash fan. I love Johnny Cash. That track I started when I was recording another track called “Shadows.” I don’t know why, but while I was recording that track, [“Folsom Prison Blues”] was on my brain. I was just thinking about that song while playing this other song, and it was just one of those moments when a track became something else. Kind of like Monstermix, you know? You never know what’s going to happen.

Goodrich’s version of the Cash classic — narrated by a man imprisoned in an actual cell and his own mind — slows down the iconic train rhythm to an “I think I can, I think I can” pace and features a vocal performance both more coldly despairing and embellished than in the original. It’s a solid rendition, but Goodrich is hardly standing alone in the lineup of outlaws who’ve sung this tune, as everyone from Bob Dylan to Everlast has peered through the Folsom Prison bars and hungered after “that fancy dining car”.

You can hear how Goodrich’s version stacks up below, and make sure to check out the video of Johnny Cash performing the song in Folsom Prison (after the jump).

“Folsom Prison Blues” — Rachel Goodrich

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