No Age Blows Away Grand Central

By | January 19th, 2011 | 2 Comments

Dean Spunt banging on the drum all night.

No Age’s Dean Spunt and Randy Randall owe me a pair of ear drums. Last night, in their third Miami show in less than a year, the Los Angeles duo blasted Grand Central with the intensity of art rockers trying to shake off their ambivalence about their recent Letterman spot. The all-ages crowd — noticeably smaller than at Caribou’s October Grand Central show — made up for its size with its own energy, at one point prompting Spunt to whisper a warning into one stage diver’s ear like Christopher in the “D-Girl” episode of Sopranos season II. (To our Twitter followers: Yes, I am trotting out that line again.) After the show, No Age headed up the road to BAR (formerly PS14) to man the decks and perhaps satisfy Randall’s desire to get to know Miami better. I, on the other hand, drove home, periodically shouting “What’d you say?” to no one.

Here are some photos from the show.

Stage Dive

Randy Randall
Randy Randall bringing the fuzz.

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Interview with No Age’s Randy Randall

By | January 10th, 2011 | 4 Comments
No Age's Randy Randall and Dean Spunt

Randy Randall (left) and Dean Spunt of L.A.-based No Age.

With the release of their third LP, Everything in Between (Sub Pop Records), late last year, No Age’s Randy Randall and Dean Spunt let loose a sophisticated sound that placed the L.A. duo firmly in the realm of high-art rockers. Often mistakenly shuffled into the madness of copycatting indie musicians, No Age wears the D.I.Y. badge proudly. They tour the land as sonic surveyors, upping their game by combining an intrepid curiosity of noise and melody within a proper punk framework. It is no wonder that Bob Mould, the founding father of the punk-pop hybrid, has embraced No Age as the genre’s torchbearers.

Lucky for us, the duo seems to have a thing for Miami, and will play their third show here since March on Jan. 18th at Grand Central. I recently got the chance to chat with Randall over the phone about No Age’s Miami crush, its love for Disco Inferno and the late Don Van Vliet, and the making of Everything in Between single “Glitter”.

No Age is returning for a third Miami show in less than a year on Jan. 18th. What’s attracting you guys?

Oh my gosh! Miami’s a beautiful place and I don’t need to tell you that. For people that don’t live there like us, it’s a very attractive city. It’s a vibrant life and culture in a beautiful location and setting. It’s one of those places that after playing the first time we said, “Alright, whenever we get the opportunity to go back there, we gotta go back.”

Any similarities to L.A.?

I dunno, it’s interesting. It has the sunny locale and it’s centered around a beach community, but it’s a lot different than Los Angeles. Besides the great weather, it’s a very different culture. I know the one thing I said to myself after being down there was that it’s almost like you’re in another country. It feels like an insulated sort of community or just a city that’s part of America by politics. It’s very free and open and easy going, which are not always words used to describe American cities.

Do you guys have any favorite Miami spots?

We always wanna go back, cause we’re never there long enough. The last two times have just been very quickly for like a day or even just a night or a few hours to play and then we have to head back. The first time, we played at Sweat Records and that was incredible. That was such a fun show and such a great location. Such great people there – Lolo [Reskin] at Sweat Records is just really awesome. … She helps make the city very inviting. She really knows how to present such a great vibe and such a great spirit.

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