Photos: International Noise Conference

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Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra’s annual celebration of noise took over Churchill’s Pub from Wednesday through Saturday. Acts from as far as Denver and Boston made the trek to join a host of local bands with a frantic 15-minute set time limit. Performance styles ranged from Clang Quartet’s intense Christian noise performance filled with colorful and disturbing prop instruments to Unicorn Hard-on’s dance-inducing “Technoise” beats. Click on the photos here to view them in wide format, and visit the Beached Miami Facebook page to browse many more photos from International Noise Conference 2013.


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America’s worst band is back

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"Rat Bastard" by Teajay Smith Piersall

The bastard himself: Frank Falestra, aka Rat Bastard, founder of Scraping Teeth. -- photo by Teajay Smith Piersall

In 1993, Scraping Teeth earned the title of “Worst Band in America” from Spin Magazine. It wasn’t an insult but a triumph for Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra, Scraping Teeth’s founder and a Miami icon whose accomplishments include recording Marilyn Manson’s original releases and founding the famous Sync Studios on Biscayne Boulevard.

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The Sort Of English Pub that Dave Daniels built

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Churchill's Pub

Winston Churchill's face may be over the door, but Miami's "Sort Of English Pub" is a reflection of Dave Daniels. -- photo by Robby Campbell

Anyone that has been to Churchill’s Pub in Little Haiti has a story to tell.

First-timers and people who never went back will warn you about thick-tongued men who ooze out of darkness and, trembling, offer to watch your car for a dollar. Regulars know the implied threat — “watch” means “not break into” — is usually a bluff. Some even know the men’s names or at least the handles they’ve adopted for use in this parking lot and the myriad other shadowy places they congregate at around the neighborhood.

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