Weekend Roundup: Watts, Del, Cha, Cowboy Mouth, Emerge Ride

By | May 11th, 2011 | 2 Comments

With O, Miami, Sweatstock, and the Borscht Film Festival, April had almost too much going on. By comparison, May has seemed slow. That’s about to change as this weekend promises an overdose of goodness, starting with . . .

1. Reggie Watts at the Light Box (Thursday and Friday)

Best known for his hair, Watts is a comedian-musician/musician-comedian that improvises his loop-pedal powered performances to hilarious, limb-loosening effect. Career highlights include opening for Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited tour, opening for LCD Soundsystem at the group’s last few New York shows, and, of course, “Fuck Shit Stack”, a parody of hip-hop tropes that went viral on the strength of lyrics like “I like women/I like the concept of a woman/ I like to take that concept and reduce it to an object/I like to take those objects and put ‘em in my videos” and “Where my gerunds at?”.

Watts has two shows at the Light Box at Goldman Warehouse, the Miami Light Project’s new Wynwood space. Tickets are $15 for GA or $50 for VIP, which sort of takes the sting out of not being very important.

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