New Waves: Arrange + Ricky Eat Acid = ‘P. S. L. W.’

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Malcom Lacey aka Arrange

Fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Ft. Lauderdale musician Malcom Lacey (aka Arrange) is back at the mic in a collaboration with Baltimore's Ricky Eat Acid.

Despite being more than 1,000 miles away from each other, Ft. Lauderdale musician Malcom Lacey (aka Arrange) and Baltimore’s Sam Ray (aka Ricky Eat Acid) teamed up to produce a one-off track called “P.S.L.W.” The two musicians adopted the same collaborative process that David Byrne and Brian Eno used on their 2010 album, Everything That Happens Will Happen Today, trading tracks online.

“Sam reached out to me a couple days ago on Gmail chat with a track he had sketched out,” says Lacey, who released Plantation, his critically acclaimed debut, in July. “I laid down some piano and synth lines, and we just went back and forth throughout the day in chat together discussing ideas … He ended up playing the two synths at the end as well as the piano, while I added guitars, pads, bass, drums, and the harmony on the synth and most of the production stuff.”

The end result is a chilled-out four minutes of top-notch, blue-eyed R&B and beat culture that highlights both artists’ ambient strengths. While Lacey’s smoky vocals bear a resemblance to Justin Vernon’s (especially when Vernon sings lead for the ensemble supergroup Gayngs), Lacey said the track is inspired by ambient and R&B music, “especially Ne-Yo.” That’s where Ray’s production strengths kick in, adding air-tight beats and tiny harmonic swells without taking away from the track’s tranquility.

Ray and Lacey have long been fans of each other’s work. Ray, who released a collection of experimental beats and samples called Haunt U Forever in June, had already remixed a track called “When’d You Find Me” from Arrange’s debut.

“I’ve wanted to work with Malcom forever,” Ray says. “I love his tunes and he’s the best guy.”

Just 24 hours after uploading the track to SoundCloud, “P.S.L.W.” took off by word-of-tweet, garnering several blog posts, maxing out SoundCloud’s 100-download limit, and totaling more than 1,000 plays. Buoyed by the positive reception to their collaboration, Lacey and Ray plan to work together again.

“We’re actually planning on getting together in my house sometime in the new year to do a record or an EP at least,” says Lacey, who also has a new four-track EP in the works to be released once he finds proper label backing.

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