Artist Sarah Trouche at Fountain Art Fair

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Sarah Trouche

Parisian artist Sarah Trouche is one of 28 exhibitors at the 2011 Fountain Art Fair.

Housed in a Wynwood warehouse on Miami Avenue, Fountain Art Fair prides itself on its DIY ethos and “not your grandfather’s art fair” atmosphere. When I stopped by earlier today, there was a team of tank-topped guys and gals working to get a giant pink bunny balloon aloft in the patchy field where the fair will present Fab 5 Freddy and other performers on Friday night. The piece is by New York artist Ryan Cronin, one of the 28 exhibitors at Fountain this year.

One of the cool things about Fountain is that, unlike ABMB itself and most of the other satellite fairs, many of its exhibition spaces are manned by artists, not dealers. So while all the pieces are for sale (at far cheaper prices than at the other satellites), there is a fundamentally different vibe, which is to say, it doesn’t feel like a supermarket with art for sale. This makes for a more enjoyable experience if you are not looking to buy art but simply experience it.

One of the exhibitors who caught my attention during my walkthrough this afternoon was Sarah Trouche, and not only because she appeared nude in most of her work. In her video “Action for Great Wall”, the young Parisian descends from the heights of the Great Wall of China, nude, her body painted red, holding a flare. Trouche told me the piece is a response to the indignant reaction of the Chinese when French protesters, in the lead up to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, forced Chinese officials to extinguish the Olympic torch. You can watch the video after the jump.

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