New Waves: ‘Swamp Abyss Sorcery’ via Satanik Recordings

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Swamp Abyss Sorcery

Skunk Ape, move over.

What better day to celebrate Florida’s darkest skull-cracking metal than on Valentine’s Day? Swamp Abyss Sorcery, an 11-track, all-Florida compilation released today by Gainesville’s Satanik Recordings and organized by d-beat thrashing nutbags Hot Graves, showcases an unofficial corps of metal bands from Gainesville, Jacksonville, Orlando, and Miami. Quoth Satanik:

“This southern-fried Yeti THROMBIBULOUS ov which I speak is now upon you all, in the form ov this compilation ov bands that are the sound ov what is RIGHT NOW here in the Sunshine State.”

The compilation features three of Miami’s heaviest outfits. Holly Hunt, the droning duo of Betty Monteavaro and Gavin Perry …

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Miami DIY Finale: Beezlebub’s Cave

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As you crouch beneath a half-open metal shutter to descend into Beezlebub’s Cave, an uncanny whimsy permeates. Much like Alice’s multi-stage descent down her rabbit hole, a plain anteroom leads to a large set of double-doors which, in turn, lead to a bona fide metal clubhouse. And much like the inscription Dante reads upon crossing Hell’s gates — Abadon hope all ye who enter — The Cave also has a welcome sign. BEEZELBUB’S CAVE, big and in script, hangs like a wreathe over the entrance, with a small banner draped below quoting Shakespeare: “Hell is empty, and all the devils are here.”

Beelzebub's Cave

Like a rock and roll TGIFriday’s stripped of the kitsch and chicken tenders, the wall is a solid quilt of metal interwoven imagery from every variant and sub-genre: heavy, hair, speed, thrash, stoner. The rectangular warehouse space resembles a metal pantheon where the gods have come to retire in their truest format: the glossy, pinned-at-the-corner poster. It’s as though the walls of international metalheads have been pieced together to form a one room metal megalopolis.

A massive pentagram broodingly fills the tile floor, ominously suggesting that at any moment the proceedings at hand may turn sinister, otherworldly, or both.

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