Dispatch from the Miami International Art Fair

By | January 16th, 2011 | No Comments
Juan Raul Hoyos' "Compound 3"

Hoyos' "Compound 3": Amazing what one can do with paper bags.

I just stopped by the Miami Beach Convention Center to check out the Miami International Art Fair, which opened to the general public on Friday and ends tomorrow. Shortly after noon, the convention center was very quiet and the booths were just coming to life. I made a quick round because I plan to go back later today. My first impressions were a) the fair is considerably smaller and more approachable than Art Basel and b) with several local galleries and museums taking part, Miami has a far stronger presence than it did at ABMB. Of all the local galleries, Spinello has perhaps the most striking booth. Definitely check out Antonia Wright’s “Are You OK?” video piece, where the artist crying in the middle of crowded public spaces confronts passersby with three choices: ignore the suffering of a fellow human being, console a stranger, or call the bluff of a con-artist. I also liked Juan Raul Hoyos’ war-torn “Compound 3″, which you can find in the southwest corner of the convention hall.