ANR ‘Stay Kids’ Release Party Photos, Recap

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ANR's Michael-John Hancock in Mad Man mode.

When I first got to Eve after 11 Saturday night, the place was surprisingly uncrowded even for a Miami show. I had a brief chat with ANR frontman and northern transplant Michael-John Hancock about how in no other city do the shows start at midnight. I felt for Hancock and bandmate Brian Robertson, who were celebrating the release of their latest album, Stay Kids. Driven by Hancock’s unabashed crooning and dance-or-die drumming and Robertson’s feverish synthery, the 10-track effort places ANR firmly at the head of Miami’s indie rock scene (and in hefty debt to TV On The Radio, among others).

But while the duo is getting props from as far away as London and scoring opening spots for Animal Collective (another obvious influence), they can’t even pack a medium-sized venue in their adopted hometown for the release of a really good album. What’s worse, ANR has the funk, energy, and hooks to give Miami the party it endlessly craves, but at this point in the band’s career the effort seems wasted on a paltry turnout.

I could indict Miami for its lassitude and stingy support of local music and call it a day, but I don’t think it’s as simple as that. After last night — and the many other nights when a local band played a capacity-crowd-worthy show to a half-empty room — I’ve decided that the issue is actually pretty complicated, variables including the venues, the bands, the people, the public transportation system, the layout of the city, on and on and on. In another town, say, Chicago, ANR’s local equivalent would have drawn a standing-room crowd to Eve’s local equivalent. And not only because the fans in Chicago are more passionate or supportive, but also because taking a train to a show is a helluva lot easier than driving, parking, paying the Master Meter in the middle of nofuckingwhere, and hoping no one shatters your windshield for your D&Gs. In Chicago, three inches of snow might have thinned the crowd a bit. Last night in Miami, ten minutes of rain seems to have cut the turnout in half.

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ANR ‘Stay Kids’ Release Party at Eve on March 5

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ANR CD Release Party

We can't promise a galloping, galactic steed, but ANR's Stay Kids release party at Eve should rock nonetheless.

March 5 is shaping up to be a good day. Not only is it the scheduled date of the Beached Miami/Emerge Miami Scavenger Hunt Bike Ride (expect the details next week), but it is also when Miami dance-punk duo ANR drop their new album, Stay Kids, at Eve downtown. This one’s been in the works for a while, so expect Michael John Hancock (vocals) and Brian Robertson (keyboards, drum machines) to take the stage with a healthy dose of pent-up energy — a promising ingredient in any live show, particularly when the band’s stock-in-trade is synthy, sensual, neo-disco dance tracks.

Now if you caught ANR’s opener for Washed Out at Eve in January, you’ll still want to cough up the $10 for the Stay Kids release party ($15 if you’re under 21). It’s going to be an all-Miami affair with Sweat Records, 10K Islands, and Something In Construction presenting, Little Beard opening, WVUM’s Laura of Miami spinning, Coral Morphologic projecting, RAAGA CART feeding, and Beached Miami wielding the official pen and camera. If there was ever an opportunity to get all your local support out of the way in one fell swoop, this is it.

Seriously, it should be a damn good show by one of Miami’s best bands in a pretty soothing venue. If you need further convincing, here are three tracks off of Stay Kids, including an expanded version of “Endless Field of Mercury”, which was #1 on our Top 15 South Florida Songs of 2010.

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