Photos: Sweatstock 2013 featuring ANR, Afrobeta, Kermit the Frog

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Rain may damage vinyl, but a spell of torrential downpour on Saturday did little to harm the fourth annual Sweatstock, a free all-ages three-stage block party hosted by Sweat Records to celebrate Record Store Day and the Little Haiti music shop’s eighth anniversary. You can view a ton of photos from the event on the Beached Miami Facebook page. For starters, here are 15 of our favorites by photographer Jesse Meadows.


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Sweatstock 2013 Lineup Announced

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Today, on its eighth birthday, Sweat Records announced the lineup for Sweatstock, its annual all-day, multi-stage music fest. Set for Record Store Day on April 20, Sweatstock will feature performances by more than 30 acts, including Otto Von Schirach, who will headline the main stage outside, ANR, Holly Hunt, This Heart Electric, and many other bands we’ve spotlighted on Beached Miami in the past. There will also be several food trucks and and cheap beer courtesy of Grolsch. To learn more about Sweatstock 2013, including how you can help fund the free event, visit the official event page after checking out this sweet flyer illustration by Beached Miami bud Brian Butler.


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Sweatstock 2012 in photos

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The torrential rain that threatened to show up didn’t. Iggy Pop did. So did hundreds of Miami music fans and the scores of bands and DJs that have made Sweatstock one of the best annual music events in Miami for the last three years. Many thanks to Sweat Records for making Miami one of the best places in the country to celebrate Record Store Day and for inviting Beached Miami to host a stage inside Churchill’s. As you can see from the photos, here and on Facebook, it was a blast.

Deaf Poets at Sweatstock 2012 by Alex Broadwell

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Primer for the Beached Miami Sweatstock Stage

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This coming Saturday is both Record Store Day and Sweatstock, and besides being your chance to rub elbows with Iggy Pop, it’s also an opportunity to enjoy 12+ hours of live, mostly local music on three stages. To prep you all for the Beached Miami stage inside Churchill’s, which will run from 5 p.m. until some ungodly hour in the morning, here’s a track and bio from each of the bands in our lineup. The order corresponds to the Sweatstock schedule, with Palette Town opening and Shroud Eater closing down the night. Enjoy.

“Paperthin Ocean” by Palette Town (playing at 5 p.m.)

Bio: “Once upon a time there were four good friends: Chris, Daniella, Fredrik, and Sylvano. These friends each loved music and happened to be musicians themselves. After a couple years of watching other bands play music, it dawned on them … ‘Why don’t we start a band?’ They then wrote a bunch of songs about life, love, and laser guns. Later, they played those songs to people and realized that their music wasn’t so terrible. Life has been pretty rad ever since :0″

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Sweatstock 2012 Full Lineup with Beached Miami stage

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Sweatstock at Sweat Records

Sweat Records (pictured) opens its doors at 9 a.m. for the third edition of Sweatstock, on Saturday, April 21. -- photo by Robby Campbell

In celebration of its seventh year as the bastion of Miami’s independent music scene, Sweat Records is throwing the third edition of Sweatstock on Saturday, April 21 — fittingly, on Record Store Day — with Beached Miami as a proud partner in music curation.

Afrobeta will headline the outdoor stage this year with Deaf Poets, Krisp, Psychic Mirrors, Ketchy Shuby, Plains, Arboles Libres, The State Of, and Jesse Jackson (with full band) opening. The outdoor program will go from 2 pm until 11 pm.

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Sweatstock 2012 partial lineup announced

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Sweatstock! Record Store Day! Be there. -- photo by Robby Campbell

Celebrating its seventh year in business and Record Store Day in one banging block party, Sweat Records is throwing the third edition of Sweatstock on Saturday, April 21, with Beached Miami as a proud partner in music curation.

Announced today, Afrobeta will headline the outdoor stage at Sweatstock this year with Deaf Poets, Krisp, Psychic Mirrors, Ketchy Shuby, Plains, Arboles Libres, The State Of, and Jesse Jackson (with full band) opening. The outdoor program will go from 2 pm until 11 pm.

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Sweatstock 2011 Recap

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High times at Sweatstock 2011

Hats off to Sweat Records for another amazing Sweatstock cum Record Store Day celebration. While early rain threatened to drown the festivities (and maybe electrocute a performer or two), the skies eventually cleared and the free all-day jamboree went deep into the night, with 36 acts (bands, DJs, comedians, poets) on four stages rocking out for the love of vinyl and its shiny cousin.

Unlike Sweatstock 2010, which boasted L.A.’s No Age as headliner, this year’s all-local roster proved that the Miami river is running deep and wide. I didn’t see every act but Beings, Little Beard, and Panic Bomber stood out with killer sets, and the DJs spinning inside Sweat kept the energy going all day.

It really was an inspiring display of talent considering that several solid local acts (e.g., Rachel Goodrich, ANR, Jacuzzi Boys) did not perform for one reason or another. It’s a damn good thing when a city has too much worthy music to fit into a 12-hour, multi-stage festival, and I have no doubt some of next year’s performers were bobbing their heads in the crowd on Saturday. With Miami’s music scene in the family way and Sweatstock 2012 already set for April 21, the only question is whether Sweat should make it a two-day event.


Sweatstock 2011 Photos

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Sweat Records Ransacked Again

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This time around, the robbers left Sweat's beloved aquarium unharmed, but not much else.

With Sweatstock fast approaching, Sweat Records took a gut check this weekend when someone(s) broke into the Little Haiti landmark on Saturday night/Sunday morning and stole cash, a computer, and other electronics. Sweat’s recently launched online store, Sweat Shop Miami, which offers local music, books, fashion, and gifts, is also a casualty of the break-in as the stolen computer was the store’s mainframe. The site is off-line until further notice.

This is the second time the bastion of local music has been ransacked since September, when “unknown assailants” broke in and stole the store’s computer, credit card terminal, video projector, DJ equipment, cash drawer, and then literally poured salt on the wound by destroying Sweat’s saltwater reef tank.

The aquarium went unharmed this time around, but the break-in is still an untimely setback for one of Miami’s essential local businesses as it prepares for Sweatstock, its biggest event of the year. In a blog post fittingly titled “Ugh”, Sweat Records owner Lolo Reskin asks sympathizers to come out to the fest on Saturday, April 16, to “have a great time and buy yourself some presents!” You can also support Sweat by donating through a Paypal button embedded in the blog post.

To learn more about Sweatstock, check out our podcast preview, which features tracks from many of the participating bands and an interview with Lolo. You can also see the festival’s schedule (as reported by the New Times) below.

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Podcast #11: Sweating Sweatstock 2011

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Ready or not, here it comes . . .

This week’s podcast is a wee bit different than the usual. With Sweatstock around the corner on April 16 — Record Store Day! — we rounded up mp3s from a handful of the performers in the festival lineup, including The State Of, Panic Bomber, and Furious Dudes. We also have Sweat Records owner Lolo Reskin dropping knowledge on the evolution of RSD from humble beginnings, the origin of the FREE goodness fest that is Sweatstock, and the healthy state of music in Miami these days. If you don’t know about Sweatstock, here’s your chance to get wise. If you do, here’s your chance to get excited all over again.

Make sure to subscribe to our podcast RSS feed to get a free mp3 download beamed your way every other Thursday morning. If you have any suggestions — a person to interview, an event to forecast, a raven to quoth — please email us at

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