Finally, The Abbey Brewing Company Reopens

By | February 21st, 2012 | No Comments
"The Abbey Brewing Company" by Robby Campbell

The Abbey Brewing Company, at 1115 16th Street in South Beach, has reopened. -- photo by Robby Campbell

Many was the night in the last what-feels-like-forever that I wished The Abbey Brewing Company, located in South Beach, would finish its expansion and reopen. Finally, according to Thrillist, it has: “… the formerly minuscule beer haven has returned as a whole new Abbey after the owners tore apart the former digs, then carefully pieced them back together to create a much roomier, refurbished wood-lined interior they claim ‘brings it up to the 21st century’.” The building expansion is welcome news, as is the menu expansion to include whiskey at the previously beer-only watering hole. To learn more about the Abbey’s intoxicating return, check out the Thrillist post.

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