New Waves: “Let’s Just Be Friends” by This Heart Electric

By | July 2nd, 2012 | No Comments

Ricardo Guerrero, the prolific bedroom songwriter behind This Heart Electric, does a lot with a little on “Let’s Just Be Friends”, a track off of the upcoming album Age Of Aquarius. Cue oceanic white noise, metronomic wood block (or something that sounds like a wood block), wistful chord progression on acoustic guitar, and resigned, Cobain-conjuring singing for a sad, sparse summer song that lets some sunshine in with its sweet electric guitar noodling toward the end. The song’s new video, directed by Gabriela Serra, reflects its pale-blue hue, refracted light, and breast-stroke pace. Enjoy, and make sure to catch This Heart Electric’s set at the Audio Junkie Independence Day Bash at O Cinema on Wednesday, July 4.

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