Twenty-second visions of a better Miami

By | March 16th, 2012 | 7 Comments
'Making Miami' Pecha Kucha

Presenters at the "Making Miami" Pecha Kucha had 20 seconds to explain their vision for a better Miami.

Proposal: Line every street in Miami-Dade County with trees. Quick, you have only 20 seconds to explain how to do it. All you need is about $35 million, less than the average $40 million spent on one of Miami’s highway overpasses.

Scattering more than 1.2 million trees across the county was only one of 20 20-second presentations on how to make Miami’s urban communities more livable Thursday night at Wood Tavern in Wynwood. The format, started in Tokyo in 2003 by a pair of architects, is called Pecha Kucha — pronounce it as one word and let it roll off the tongue the way you would “buhdonkadonk.”

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